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Body Jewellery by Type

Welcome to our Body Jewellery Store selection by type of Jewellery.  In this section we present our Jewellery selection by Jewellery type, e.g. Barbells, Ball Closure Rings, Labrets, Flesh Tunnels, Plugs & Fake Plugs. You can also choose to browse our Jewellery by Piercing or by Material

» Body Jewellery by Type
Ball Closure Rings
BCR Jewellery ball closure rings or Captive Bead Rings in all gauges

Barbells & Curved Barbells 0.8mm - 1.2mm. 1.6mm & large gauge

Body Spirals

Body Spirals in Steel, Black Steel, Gold Steel and Titanium

Circular Barbells
Circular Barbells from 1mm to 8mm / 18 gauge - 0 gauge
 Stud & Hoop earrings
Ear Spirals and Claws
Ear Spirals & Hooks in Steel, Horn, Bone & Glass
Fake Plugs
Fake Plugs & Fake Piercing Jewellery using small gauge bars (0.8/1.2mm)
Flesh Plugs and Tubes

Plugs and Tubes for extreme piercings in 316L surgical steel, Titanium and more

Flesh Tunnels
Flesh Tunnels from 316L Surgical Steel, Black Steel, Titanium & Acrylic
Internally Threaded
Internally Threaded Body Jewellery
Labret bars for Lip Piercing
Magnetic jewellery, no piercing needed
New Body Jewellery
The latest additions to our range of body jewellery
Piercing Accessories
Replacement Balls, Cones & O Rings
Piercing Retainers

Clear plastic Retainers for Eyebrow, Labret, Tongue and Belly Button (Navel) piercing

Piercing Tools
Tools for use with Body Jewellery
Segment Rings
Seamless smooth segment rings with small removable segment
Stretching Jewellery

Expanders, Claws and Crescents for ear stretching

ball closure ring with screw ball
Nipple Bars
Stretching Expander
Open Nose Ring
Flesh Tunnel

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