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Fake Plug in Black Marble Acrylic

Fake Plug in Black Marble Acrylic

Fake Plug in Black Marble Acrylic

Fake Plug 6mm in black marble acrylic with 1.2mm shaft. Fake Plugs to give the appearance of larger flesh plugs but needing only a 1.2mm piercing. Marble pattern varies on each plug

Fake Plugs are sold as single Plugs (1 piece)

Fake plugs are designed to fit a normal ear piercing but to give large flesh plug appearance

Fake plugs come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and materials. There are actual fake plugs with disc ends giving the appearance of a flesh plug. There are also other fake piercings such as fake expanders & fake hooks & claws. All of these fake piercing types have a small guage bar that goes through the ear but a larger guage main size sitting against the ear to appear as a larger size. For more fake plug options please see related items below

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