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Extreme Body Jewellery Shop

Welcome to our online UK Body Jewellery Shop & our range of Body Piercing Jewellery. We have a large selection of Lip Rings, Nipple Jewellery, Eyebrow Bars, Flesh Tunnels, Plugs, Ball Closure Rings (BCR) & Barbells, in large as well as regular gauges. We also stock Prince Albert Jewellery, Nose Studs, Nose Rings, Tongue Bars, Fake Plugs, Tragus Bars, Helix Jewellery & Belly Bars. Everything is held in stock & orders are usually sent within 24 hours (Mon - Fri) from the UK.

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Our Steel Body Jewellery is made from 316L surgical steel, the world wide standard for steel used in body piercing. We don't just take the manufacturers word for this but carry out our own periodic testing to ensure that the metal is of the highest standard. Our tests have always confirmed that the steel not only meets but exceeds the required EEC standards.

Our Titanium Body Jewellery is made from grade 23 surgical Titanium (6AL-4V-ELI). This material is highly biocompatible and is considered a safe choice for initial piercings. Most items are available in a 'high polish', natural silver colour, with some also available with an anodized coloured coating in blue, purple or rainbow.

Bioflex is perhaps the most biocompatible material available for unhealed, initial piercings. Soft and flexible, it is also a very comfortable material to wear.

You will also find Glass Body Jewellery in our selection, mostly on our Plugs and Tubes page. The Glass range is made from medical grade Pyrex (Borosilicate) Glass, is non porous, Lead and Barium free, making it highly hypoallergenic. Glass plugs are considered a great material for extreme weather conditions as it will not freeze to the ear or crack.

Gold Plated Body Jewellery is a budget conscious way of wearing gold body jewellery. It is not considered safe for unhealed piercings and should not be used until a piercing has fully healed. Our Gold Plated range is made from 316L surgical steel with an 18k gold plate.

Our range of Silicone Plugs and Tunnels is made from soft, flexible, silicone which is comfortbale to wear in stretched ear piercings. We stock solid silicone plugs and also lighter silicone tunnels & eyelets in a variety of colours.

We keep a big selection of Stretching Jewellery for ear stretching or gauging, used to increase the size of a stretched piercing. Popular choices include Insertion Pins, Steel expanders and Acrylic Expanders. We also have a good range of jewellery for stretched ear piercings, such as Flesh Tunnels, Plugs and other large gauge items

One of our most popular ranges is for Prince Albert Piercings where we suggest a collection of Ball Closure Rings, Circular Barbells and Curved Barbells which many people find suitable for this piercing.

Our Nose stud range includes studs in all materials, shapes and colours, also accompanied by circular Nose Ring Jewellery such as Open Nose Rings, Nose Hoops, Ball Closure Rings and Segment Rings

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